Monday, May 3, 2010

I was gonna post...

I actually have a marvelous post waiting for you about are escapades as Yellow Mountain, however, pictures aren't working, and trust me, you want to see these pictures. So, here is a short blog post to tide ya'll over.

1. Mission call still M.I.A. We're hoping it will show up really soon, but as yet I've heard nothing.

2. National Flute Convention letters still M.I.A. I'm sensing a pattern here. I'm also hoping these will show up soon. If both letters don't come soon I just might start going a little crazy... just a little...

3. Morgan and I made a fiendishly delicious carrot cake with my sister yesterday. Because it has carrot and raisin it's healthy, so I've eaten it as fast as I can. Plus, junk food, when eaten at your parents house as a college student, should not count.

4. Mom and I are going to the orphanage tomorrow. Should be fun. Those kids need all the attention they can get.

5. I've become a Chant De Linos fiend in the last week. Only I'm waiting for it to decide it likes me... because currently it's just a lot of groveling on my part.

6. The trickiest thing about being home is college has really turned me into a decided night person. I'm a night person living with six morning people. I did okay for the first few days here when my internal clock was still lost back over the pacific, but in the last two days it's really come back and found me. As far as I'm concerned anything before 7am in an abomination. I think I may need to fix this problem pre-mission... we'll see how it goes.

7. BYU's Living Legends is performing here in Suzhou on Monday, we got tickets. I'm pretty stoked. It should be a fun concert. Now I'm just left to wonder what language they'll do all the narration in...

8. I'm gonna call it a night... it's "late" but really it's that family prayer is gonna come way way early tomorrow. So I need my beauty sleep... or something...

This will be me circa 6am tomorrow...

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  1. Continue groveling....Chant de Linos doesn't like anybody. At least not for a good long time!! Have fun with it, though, I think that's the secret. Initial patience, then dedicated hard work, then wild abandon.

    Can't wait to hear about the mission call!!!