Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm not alone

This pretty well sums up exactly how I feel traveling with my flute...

Courtesy of a fellow music major's status:
The day that airlines start checking babies I might consider checking my viola. So yeah, never going to happen delta.

Followed by this comment courtesy of another music major:
Once they opened my oboe case and inspected it. I've never looked so grumpy in my entire life. I wanted to tell them to get their filthy hands off my baby!

That picture pretty much sums up how I feel when airline personnel look at, breathe near, or attempt to touch my flute...

Monday, January 25, 2010


Mondays have always been real favorites of mine. Oh the joy of the weekend melting into the recognition of things that should have been done on Saturday. I had good intentions this weekend, I made a list of everything I was going to get done, and I crossed off four things. Unfortunately the list had well over ten things, blech.

So what makes a Monday memorable?

How about having your disposal go berserk on you, eat a spoon, and have the switch fall off so you can't turn the thing off or rescue the spoon with out loosing a hand or getting electrocuted.

I've always liked finding out that you have a demon test coming much sooner than you expected.

Or maybe realizing you are on your last pair of clean unmentionables.

Mondays are really fun when you have to do laundry, and accidentally get locked out of your apartment by a roommate... especially when you do laundry in clothes that shouldn't be seen by anyone... things could only get better if those clothes don't keep you very warm and you are stuck out in the cold... if you really want it to be a winner make sure the only roommate you can reach is being siphoned for blood and still has plenty left to fill that bag...

Of course something that does make a Monday memorable is posting a picture like this as your profile picture:

Such a picture must be posted without saying anything to anyone, and will result in texts, facebook messages, and knowing looks from Stella.

It's even better when the original photo looked like this:

And you all thought I was dating someone... psh... You're all simply too easy...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some things never change...

"The only thing worse for the French than becoming more like America, apparently, is becoming more like Britain."
~New York Times

And so the centuries long tradition of the French and the Brits hating each other continues... chortle

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kamikaze Deer

Welcome to story time.

Once upon a time there were two siblings traipsing home in their beautiful Ford Escort from a late night of fun, games, and creme brulee almonds. While driving they suddenly watched the car just in front of them slow down and began to wonder why. Just as they were wondering suddenly they saw it, the Kamikaze Deer, standing right in front of their car. Much swerving ensued and the marvelous Ford Escort won, leaving the Kamikaze Deer to run away leaving some of his bum fur stuck in the front headlight and the side mirror dangling precariously. Sadly the Ford Escort required fixing and now both siblings are car-less for the next week.

The End.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The worst part

The worst part of playing in a competition is the waiting. Waiting to go on stage, and waiting to hear back is soooooooo stressful. I felt like a played pretty good, not perfect, but as close as I could ever hope to be. So now, I'm stuck waiting. Regardless of whether I'm on the concert or not, I'm happy with how it went, and I can't ask for more.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happiness is...

when you have one professor out of town for a conference, and another who covers the weeks worth of material in half a class period. 5 1/2 hours of my life, welcome back!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bring it on!!!!!

This semester would be one that fits in the category of: "hit the ground running or you will die." I've never started a semester that is so front heavy... not because my teachers are psychotic and assigned ten page research papers that are due in a week or two or anything like that, but because I have so much going on with music. This Wednesday is the final round of the concerto competition, and after being incredibly surprised that I made it here, now I actually want to do well, so all I do is play the Martin over, and over, and over. Right after that is finished I have two weeks to finish my NFA tapes and then it's two more weeks and it's my recital. No pressure. Actually, I'm feeling good about my recital with the exception of the Sancan, where we have a relationship based on un-requited love. I love the Sancan, but it doesn't seem to care for me much yet. Boo.

Work has also been interesting with the new semester. The office has been filled with panicked students who've realized that they are graduating in April and don't know what to do with their lives, so why not law school? Silly people who get undergraduate degrees that are useless... I wouldn't know anything about doing something like that *cough*.

Other points of interest, I think I am the old woman in my history class. Weird. Most of them are freshman, and how did I surmise this: they were asking each other what hall they were in. Actually there's one kid in my class who's married, so I'm going to assume he's an RM and therefor older than me, but of the girls I know I'm the old woman. Listening to the freshman is fun in an odd sense... they're still looking for majors and to them three more years looks like a really, really long time. I'm not so sure it's all that much longer, because it seems a little surreal that two years ago I was in much the same place as them... I'm not ready to only have one more year left of my undergrad... CRAZY! I figured it all out, I have two terms and two semesters left and I'm done... weird, weird, weird.

And just to give you a taste of how awesome a few of my teachers are, here are my favorite statements of the week:

"No dating 'till you're thirty, only flute!" ~ Stella
"I am the flute guru" ~ Stella
"I have issues with Mormon music, as any good musician should" ~ Dr. Howard
"Hildegard (an eleventh century nun and composer) became an icon for the lesbian community… I guess because she never got married, she's fair game…" ~ Dr. Howard.
"You hear it and say 'ah, that's Latin… I have no idea what's going on'… that's why it's so good as a religious text" ~ Dr. Howard