Monday, August 31, 2009

Day one

Auditions make me want to curl in the fetal position, watch House, and eat ice cream.
The end.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wu Liu

This is mostly for anyone who reads this that also reads my mom's blog, since she can't update, I thought I'd stick this on for her.

This is Wu Liu, she is one of the children at the orphanage my mom volunteers at. (Each of the women who go tend to have a "favorite" child that they bond with particularly, for my mom it is this baby. In May when I went I met Wu Liu and it was obvious she was thrilled to see my mom. It was so fun to watch them.) In April, Mom wrote and said that odds are that because of the tumor on her face she would live out her life in an orphanage for ever. However, she has just had the first of multiple surgeries to help her get the tumor removed and is currently living with a family near where my family lives. Hopefully after the surgeries are done she will be able to be adopted, she's such a cutie.

Here's an update from my mom. She clarifies some of the details:
Hey Cole,
Thanks for blogging about Wu Liu. I saw her today. She is so skinny!!! I was shocked at how thin she looked. She was scared to death. All these white faces and no Asian faces. Poor girl. They actually did heart surgery on her because when they went to remove the tumor they learned that she had heart problems. She should be ready for the tumor to be removed in about 3 or 4 months. The family she is with are calling her Kate. That one will have to grow on me. She is just Wu Liu to me. :)
Well thanks again.
Love ya, Mom

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random Amusement

Eat, Run, Practice, Eat, Work, Practice, Eat, Practice, Sleep.

This is all I do... in about that order. But in between I have managed to squeeze in personal entertainment.

~ I bought my books today. Amusing, no. Painful, yes. So why am I listing it? Because one of my books was an entire book on the Black Death. Soooooooooo excited. I'm already reading it. yay.

~ I got my hands on a piccolo today thanks to the awesomeness of Amber. Said piccolo had a note in it that said it's name was Pip. Not sure what I think of that name... it's rather cheesy... but also cute. Judgement will be passed soon, and Pip may get a more manly middle name.

~ Went running, didn't die. Major victory. Also, no cat calls, also a major victory.

~ Back with the naming of instruments. Since moving into my new apartment I've only reffered to my flute by his name... it's starting to get entertaining. I think I've been pegged as the roommate who is headed to the altar with some Johnathan fellow. *chortle* We will see how long this charade lasts.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Because I'm turning twenty tomorrow, and am somewhat narcissistic, here is a list of twenty things most of you may not know about me.

1. Putting in contacts makes me sneeze. Not every time, but pretty regularly.
2. I have never been able to do a hand stand, not even under water, which is just pathetic.
3. I am terrified of snakes. It's a borderline phobia, I don't go in reptile houses or anything.
4. I hate cooking chicken. The smell grosses me out, so I never make anything with chicken in it.
5. I was born one month premature, it stunted my growth.
6. I wanted to play the clarinet not the flute. Now I wake up every morning and am incredibly thankful my mom prodded me towards the flute. (No offense clarinet players)
7. I don't actually have anything against my cell phone, I just never remember to bring it with me. There is an odd rumor going around that I am violently opposed to cell phones, when in reality I'm just opposed to cell phones when in the hands of idiots.
8. In kindergarten my favorite animal was the vulture. No joke. I liked them because they kept our roads clean (we lived out in the boonies of Kentucky and there were always nasty dead animals on our road.)
9. As a little kid I loved dinosaurs. I had a dinosaur sleeping bag and everything. My brother had an elephant one. Backwards, huh?
10. I did not go on a single date while I was nineteen. Perhaps twenty will go a little better.
11. I'm mildly allergic to chocolate, but I eat it every two to three weeks hoping that one of these times I won't have a reaction. No luck so far.
12. I don't cry in movies, except for Disney, those ones are just so touching. Truly.
13. One ear turns bright bright red when I am really tired. Just one ear.
14. I got an infection from my wisdom teeth being removed... three months later.
15. When I get the hiccups they are really really reallllllllllllly loud. And physically they hurt a lot.
16. I've never repeated the first letter of a name with anyone I've been on a date with.
17. I have never broken a bone, had a cavity, or had chicken pox.
18. I received four marriage proposals in one day. Boo YA!
19. The longest date I ever went on was ten hours.
20. Senior year of high school I recited all one hundred scripture masteries, in order, from memory. Cause I'm hard core like that.

Yay. Happy Birthday to me.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Road Tripping

In the last few weeks since my return from Paris I've spent a looooot of time on the road. I drove back from Idaho to Provo, then a week later from Provo to Boise then to Soda Springs, then to Idaho Falls and now I'm back in Provo.
I really don't mind driving, I like the time to think and enjoy music and scenery, but some parts of Idaho and northern Utah are just ugly and the radio cuts out and all that is left is honkey-tonk country, which is the most horrid version of an already troubled genre.
In my drive to Boise there was a two hour section like this, absolutely nothing... no radio and dead waste land all around me. Every mile looked exactly the same, on and on... and on... and on... When suddenly I looked up and saw this:

and heard: It's Mater like Termater with out the ter.

Followed by this fellow sitting on the road shouting:

What did I tell you about fraternizing with the prisoners?

And then some guy named Filmore drove by offering his "all natural" gasoline, and I started to wonder what was in my drink...

What can I say, I'd been alone in a car for far to long, and my love for Pixar and Disney has yet to be matched.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Goodbye My Friend

Confession, I get really really really attached to inanimate objects.

Exhibit A, my flute. My flute has a name, and I have a tendency to call him by name on regular occasion. Which leads to awkward moments when someone then says, "I didn't know you had a boyfriend" and I have to explain that I was referring to my flute... and then they get this dubious look on their face... that same look you'd probably see if you look in the mirror right... NOW... see that look of concerned speculation. Yeah. I get very very anxious when I don't know exactly where my flute is, and I don't like other people who don't play flute coming too close to him.

Exhibit B, my childhood friend, Suzie, the trusty doll that followed me EVERYWHERE. Not joking, she had a nightgown with a drawstring at the bottom and I used to pull the drawstring tight and drag her behind me everywhere we went. (This lead to much speculation about my future parenting abilities, have no fear, I now realize dragging a kid by the feet isn't such a brilliant idea, usually.) As far as I was concerned Suzie was real, leading to an outburst in the airport when I refused to put her through the x-ray scanner because it might hurt her. Traumatizing. Not just for me either, apparently, because next summer Suzie was conveniently "forgotten". I've long suspected foul play or sabotage, but the guilty conscience has yet to get to my parents. I do remember telling Mom to call the neighbors and tell them to feed Suzie. One month later we returned home and she was okay, after I nursed her back to health for a few days.

As I've gotten older some of the objects I've attached myself to have become more and more trivial (minus my flute). College hasn't helped. I have taken the duct tape oath, and believe firmly that anything can be fixed by duct tape. My alarm clock "fell" off the shelf one morning and broke in half, but the clock still showed the correct time, so what did I do? Tape it back together of course. So now almost two years later it works fine, it is just covered in duct tape. This minor obsession isn't my fault though, sometime go visit my mom and watch her cut cheese... the knife is not the knife it used to be... but it still works, and really really well at that. (Mom, if you ever want a new knife, my offer still holds, I'd be happy to take the old one off your hands.)

Upon my return from France I realized that one of my favorite inanimate objects was gone. It's a cup. Yes, a cup. My favorite cup. It always held the perfect amount of water or juice or milk or whatever I wanted. This cup had been mine since I was nine or ten years old. It was an Easter gift from the Easter Bunny. I used it faithfully until college. When I returned home for Christmas Dad told me to take the cup back with me because no one else would use it because it was mine. (Sadly this mindset only held for my cup, since my room, my bed, and anything else I loved was taken by the younger generation *sob*) So, away to college my cup came. It was so convenient, roommates very quickly realized that cup was mine and I never had to worry about grabbing the wrong one (who can mistake a bright pink Minnie Mouse cup?) About two weeks before I left I noticed something was amiss, and realized that after over ten years of faithful use the cup had started to leak. But, I couldn't throw it away, perhaps duct tape would fix it. Yes, duct tape would do the trick. Apparently though, in my absence it was thrown away, which is probably a good thing, because I never could have... and would have subjected the poor cup to tons of duct tape... and then my water would have tasted like duct tape... and I would have thrown the cup away on a bad note, and after taste... so who ever pitched it did me a favor.

Farewell old friend. I'll miss you.