Thursday, December 16, 2010

A picture is worth a 1,000 words!

Hi Family,
We're short on e-mail time today becuase we had other things to take care of today, so you'll get an actual letter when we stop back by tomorrow. Instead in the few minutes I have I thought I'd send some pictures. I've heard some mention from the Peanut Gallery that they would likesome, so here you go!
1. At the Mesa Temple with my companion and the other sisters we live with.
2. My handlebars after my biking fiasco the first week.
3. Hna Hoof and I at the temple.
4. Half of the sister missionaries in the mission and Sister Beck.
5. MTC District with our teachers.
6. All the Sisters from my BYU ward who were at the MTC together. We took this picture to send to our Bishop. :-)
7. Alma's Baptism. The blonde sister is Hna Ochosinski, the sister I replaced. She got special permision to be able to come to the baptism.

Okay. I'll write a real letter tomorrow, but I thought you would all enjoy these pictures. I wish I had time to send more, but I was worried that the computer wouldn't like it. Maybe next time.

Okay, a short amusing story before I go. The ward members have informed me I speak Spanish with a South American accent. They're pretty convinced on that one, which I find funny, since I've never been to South America, nor have I really talked with a lot of peole from there. But there you go, I speak like I learned Spanish down in South America. I'll take it, atleast I'm not too gringo :)

Have a great day, and I'll send out a real letter tomorrow!
Love you all!
Hermana Okeson

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