Friday, July 26, 2013

Our Story... Part 1

I have a few minutes, so I thought I would start putting up our story so that those who are interested can enjoy it, and so I can start having a permanent record of it.

Ellis and I met my first Sunday back in Provo after my mission. He was the executive secretary in the ward, and asked me to come in to meet the Bishop (or something like that). I remember he took my picture for the ward directory and we started chatting and he told me his brother had just written a flute choir piece. I thought that was cool but didn't think much more of it.
He says he remembers being interested that day, and so a few days later he invited me to come to a party over at his apartment where some guys from the ward were going to be playing in a band, and of course, he was going to be one of the people playing.
I remember debating if I wanted to go. I was the most awkward returned missionary of all time, and the thought of going to a party at some guys house where there would be music with a beat terrified me. I actually walked over two or three times that night before actually going in. During the intermission Ellis came over, sat by me, and we started talking. I remember figuring out after about 10 minutes that he was flirting with me and freaking out a little. He remembers seeing me suddenly look like a deer in the headlights, and so he backed off.

From the point on he would invite me periodically to things over at his apartment, I remember going and watching movies and a few other events running into each other.  I remember thinking he was cool, but not really being ready to date so soon after my mission.  Honestly, I'm not sure I even registered that there was a real possibility for anything more until the end of the summer.

I was at the cougar eat grabbing a snack before going back to the practice rooms when I ran into Ellis. We were getting food at the same place and started chatting while waiting for our food. After our food came I decided I didn't want to eat alone, and just sort of followed him to his seat... I figured we'd chat a little and be saved the boredom of eating alone.
Three hours later we finally left for our separate destinations. We talked so much during those three hours and I remember thinking it was so fun. We had so much in common and so many similar interests. He could talk classical music with me, which I thought was so cool, and I specifically remember talking about the Black Death in the Middle Ages and being impressed that he was fairly knowledgeable on the subject.
After that experience we both remember going back and talking to roommates about each other, but not really knowing what we wanted. It wouldn't be until almost 3 months later, with plenty of random running into each other in between, before we actually went on a real date....

To be continued....


  1. WOO HOO!! This is going to be awesome.

    And it's a good thing you're marrying someone who is knowledgeable about The Plague. That's pretty important. ;-)

  2. I seriously want to hack into Blogger, copy Marianne's comment and then delete it to pass it off as my own. Congrats, Nicole. :)