Saturday, November 22, 2014

I have a blog?

It's been a while. A year or something? Blogging hasn't taken much of a priority lately, but I'm trying to be on Facebook less and this seems like a better place to spend time (when I have it that is).
We've had a fantastic weekend over here. Ellis was able to take a three day weekend and we've taken advantage of me not having class and him being home. We've caught up on some chores around the house and enjoyed having time to not being running all over the place.
The best part of our weekend was this morning. We went and checked out the farmers market in down town Salt Lake. It was so fun! We tried goodies from lots of different vendors. Some of my favorites were all the fancy cheeses and salsas. Yum! We finished by trying out a Korean food truck. Given my Korean food experience in China, I can said Korean food trucks are good, but I much prefer something a little more Asian!

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