Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Semester in Quotes

This actually proved to be a rather amusing semester... so I have quite a few good ones for you, mostly from Christian History. Enjoy.

These are five measure phrases. Avoid the Natural Man!
~ Dr. Don

There's a lesson for all of you, when choosing friends look at their net worth.
~Sister Black

He saw Jesus and was like, "No big deal, I've read about ya'"
~Bro. Gaskill

Now me, I'm all about priestcraft, go buy my books!
~Bro. Gaskill

Ladies, imagine some guy comes and tells you God said you were to marry him. You'd tell him to go to the University of Utah.
~Bro. Gaskill

Well, If you're going to restart polygamy, Ken and Barbie should do it.
~Bro. Gaskil

I don't know, when I was dating I always used the Songs of Solomon as my ideal for women to go out with.
~Bro. Gaskill

Maybe it's Satan making me say that, but I like him.
~Bro. Gaskill

It's like negotiating with the North Koreans, it never works.
~Dr. Thorpe

She's a lot like Martha Stewart, and we all know what we think of Martha Stewart, we just can't say it in class.
~Dr. Fredricson

~The tradition must continue

It's like in Sense and Sensibility...

Edna Mode.

Dangit, I always thought I had good gay-dar.
~Kris Tina

Because I love you.

Baby, it's cold outside.

Really, men are just like dogs. All we want is to be petted in morally chaste and appropriate ways.


  1. The last one still cracks me up . . . (because I love you).