Monday, December 28, 2009

15 Things

It's been fifteen days since I last updated, and I'm too tired to have much to say, but here are the events of the last two weeks.

1. Finals suck.
2. Finishing finals isn't so bad though, particularly when the last one is on blackboard and way easier than you expected.
3. Planned packing is for wimps. Just dump whatever is lying around in your room into a suitcase and go... if it's out an available you probably use it, so why not bring it.
4. Flying it Christmas is a party, airlines are incompetent, everyone is cranky, and if you're lucky you'll fall and remove that precious layer of skin on your knee caps.
5. Kimbob (the Korean version of sushi) is amazing.
6. Chinese meat cleaning procedures are not.
7. China isn't nearly as dirty as you would expect, I'm constantly amazed with the streets and how clean they are, Europe was never this clean.
8. The metro in China is also way cleaner, faster, punctual, cleaner, and I never had a hairy smelly man stick his arm pit in my face. Win.
9. There are some really really cool things to see in China, they're cool in miniature, but I really want to see them in full size too.
10. I don't really like Hong Kong. I had high hopes for the city, I've read about it in books, but it just didn't measure up... it was dirty like a European city, with none of the perks. Shenzen was much better.
11. Number 9 again, but this time for the world... we visited two miniature attractions, the first one showing the highlights of China, and the second showing highlights of the world... when I grow up I want to be a professional traveler.
12. I'm not exactly sure where Christmas break went... all I know is it was all too fast.
13. Going to the orphanage tomorrow, should be good. Those kids need all the lovin' then can get.
14. Also going to pick up my dress and more pearls. Yay.
15. I'm tired. the end.

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  1. #3 is amazing. The room is sure clean right now! ;-)