Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wasn't I cute!

So, last night long after I should have been in bed, I instead was making recital posters. My aunt sent me some incredibly cute pictures from when I was little, and that in combination with an old senior photo with my flute were what I decided my monetary and time budget could allow. I'm actually pretty proud of myself, I did most of it while shamelessly picking Megan's brains for her artistic opinion (so really I was mostly a lemming while she supervised my designing of the posters... but I helped!).

Other points of interest from the week:

1. I got into a disagreement, which I lost, with my teacher about the location of medieval Burgundy. However, in class I was sure I was right, because I had actually been reading my history book and looking at medieval maps that morning and I remembered seeing Burgundy. But what are you supposed to do? Look like a prat and say "actually, this morning as I was perusing maps of medieval Europe I distinctly remember Burgundy being farther south, but in your defense it did migrate farther north over time." Yeah. That'd work great.

2. I saw Avatar. I can understand the rave reviews it got, but I don't think I shall see it again. For me it seemed to be a show of what cgi and computers could accomplish, and other parts (like the lack luster sound track) fell short in my mind. However, the animation was INCREDIBLE, and I really want to know where they came up with the ideas for all of the plants and animals in the movie, because they were really really cool.

3. Week two of making my own bread went well. It's my goal for the semester to not have to buy bread, because American bread is nasty, and half the time when I do buy it I don't eat it all and then it goes bad and suddenly I'm stuck buying nasty bread agin. So, now I'm making my own bread, and actually, it's pretty fun. Last week I was boring and just made wheat bread, but the week before I took half of the bread and made cinnamon raisin bread to eat for breakfast. It was marvelous. I think this week I'll split the dough in half and make some wheat bread and some cinnamon raisin bread, because it was really really good.

Okay, and now here are the posters, because I know they're really all you want to see:

And for a little sophistication:

Well, are you coming?


  1. Looks like you all had a LITTLE too much fun making those fliers. But they turned out really good! And yes, were were, and still are, quite adorable. :)

  2. LOVE THE POSTERS!!! And although my heart is sad about it, I will not be at your recital. But I know you'll be amazing!! XOXOX

  3. okay, now I can post on this. Yes, I am coming to your recital. :D