Thursday, March 11, 2010

long time... no post...

With the completion of my recital I decided to drop off the face of the earth. It was highly enjoyable, there was much chocolate and Disney princess movie watching. Sadly, all good things must eventually come to an end and with the arrival of midterms I'm back to school. Honestly, I'm not sure the break did quite what it was supposed to as now that I'm back about every few days I've begun contemplating dropping out of school to watch Disney full time... just kidding... but it's a little tempting.

The recital went well for those of you who were curious. Tons of family came into town which was really cool and fun to see everyone. I felt a little bad because I was incredibly stressed before and then really exhausted after so I'm not sure quite how much fun I was. Alas.

Other points of interest... I cut off my hair. Now it's up by my shoulders with the shortest layers being up by my nose. Words cannot describe how excited I am. I used to looooooooooooooove having long hair, but then I came to college, discovered I don't like getting ready in the mornings (as if I got ready in high school...), and then promptly discovered that when my hair is really short I can get ready just as fast as any boy (well, almost as fast as any boy). True story. Long hair prep time = wash hair+towel dry hair+comb hair+debate about leaving it down or up+fixing hair = up to 10 minutes on week days, and up to 30 minutes for church. Short hair prep time = wash hair+towel dry hair+run fingers through hair while dashing out the door = 3 minutes regardless of the day.

The hair cut was a stress management technique. Flute related stress doesn't bother me, I'm pretty used to it and cope pretty well. School related stress, not so much my thing. School related stress results in me doing stupid/random/not-quite-fully-thought-through-things. Things like burning a book with Tia sometime between midnight and one in the morning. Would you believe the smoke from a burning book hurts way more than camp fire smoke? Maybe it was just because it was the middle of the night, but I think it does hurt more...

And before I head out, I'm going to Reno this weekend!!! Woo hoo! Well, it's not as cool as it sounds, Wind Symphony is going on tour. We're playing for CBDNA (College Band Directors National Association)and we're one of the final groups playing, so either they think we're really good or they're hoping everyone will be headed home before we play. Take your pick. Speaking of Wind Symphony, usually I have very few good things to say about anything band related, but our final concert will be amazing. You should come. We're playing Maslanka's 7th symphony for wind band, and it's so cool. And we're being broadcasted live (was that a word?). So not being able to get to Provo is no excuse. Be there, or forever regret missing this one.

Well... I'm all blogged out... see you, like, in another month...

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