Monday, August 29, 2011

117 Degrees

Hi All!
Okay, so I scratch everything I said last week about this being a cooler summer. This week was one of the hottest of my mission. We nearly roasted alive. Aaaaaaand it was my turn to get sick from the heat. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a water related problem since I have trouble sleeping at night because I'm making trips to the bathroom. Anyhow, we were out on bikes and I developed the first signs of heat stroke... it was 117 degrees, and I was FREEZING! It was the most bizzare feeling ever. We ended up calling the Zone Leaders and they came to get us and our bikes, and once again we were grounded. Hopefully though we really are at the end of the really bad heat and things will start to cool off atleast a little from here. I'd settle for staying around 100 if I had too. That's a huge improvement on 110+.

We're at an interesting point right now in this area, we're teaching but no one is going anywhere. It's been a frusterating transfer, but I'm hoping that any time now something will change and we'll start seeing progress again. The real improvements this transfer have come from the ward we're working in. At the very begining of the transfer a new ward Mission Leader was called. Talk about answers to prayers. He's been wonderful, we've really enjoyed working with him, and he's been such a help in getting the ward more motivated. Now we just have to get the people we're working with moving forward. I think it will come, sometimes these things just take time.

We did have some interesting experiences this week that really showed me why it can be a huge blessing to be in an area for a long time. There were two families I worked with in the begining of my time here that over the last week or so I've had on my mind. Any time we were near their homes I would think of them and wonder how they were and what would happen if we were to stop in. Well, this week we had appointments fall through when we were close to both of these families, and we stopped by. In both cases we caught them at home, and they let us in. We were able to teach lessons and schedule appointments for the coming week. Neither of these families were in our back-up plans (which also fell through) but becuase I've been here a while and already knew them I was able to just stop by and we were able to get in their homes again. I'd wondered for most of this transfer why I still need to be in the same area, and I think in part it was for these families. If I hadn't remembered them they may have had to wait a lot longer for missionaries to come by again.

And now for a fun story from this week. Saturday we had a really cool chance to go spend time in the mission home. Sister Taylor wants to learn how to cook Mexican food, and being the closest Spanish Sisters we were in charge of finding someone to come. So, Saturday evening we went to the mission home and we made salsa with Sister Taylor and one of the sisters from our ward, Hna Calderon. It was super fun, and we made tons of salsa. We came out with five different salsas and they were all amazing. I am never buying salsa again... it's pretty easy to make, and turns out way better when you do it yourself. I've attached a few pictures, but Sister Taylor took way more, so you'll have to go check out the mission blog to get the rest.

Sorry this weeks letter is short, I ran out of time...
Love ya'll lots!
Hermana Okeson

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  1. Sis. Okeson, can you send me Nicole's direct address? I have lots of fun things to send her, and I'd like get it to her directly rather than wait till she gets them from the mission office (this is Tia, by the way). Thanks so much for putting these up - it's been a wonderful encouragement as I've been getting ready to go into Texas. And your daughter has sent me some inspired advice in her letters, the good woman. Anywho, my email is if you wouldn't mind emailing that address. I'm praying for Nicole daily!