Friday, January 2, 2009

Two incredibly fast weeks...

Hello all, no I did not drop off of the face of the earth... just to the other side of it. My family lives in China, and so I was visiting them for Christmas. It was AMAZING!!! China is truly a facinating country and I loved every moment I spent there. The best part, obviously, was getting to see my family, but while visiting them at their home, we also made time to visit some of the main sites in Beijing, Xian and Nanjing.
So in a few posts maybe I can share a little of what I was able to see this Christmas. I'm posting a few photos on here, and then if you really are a glutton for punishment, I'll also post a link to my facebook photo albums of China.
One of the most unique parts of visiting China is that as a very tall American family, we are almost as big of a tourist attraction as the sites themselves. The Chinese were facinated with our height, but the real winner is my little sister Morgan. The Chinese love her, it's the blonde hair. Pictures like this, were a common occurance, particularly at the Birds Nest (Mom and I were just extra additions, they really just want Morgan's picture *sigh*).
My favorite moment though, was as my family posed to take a group picture at the Birds Nest, suddenly there were tons and tons of cameras coming out to take pictures of us. It was quite the moment. Pity we couldn't get a picture of all the people taking our pictures!
One of my favorite sites was just outside of Beijing, THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA!!! Personally I feel that it should be renamed to the Great STAIRCASE of China. It was amazing to see but the hike was a work out. Here we are at the top:
I'll keep updating this with more about China as I find time. If you want to see more pictures though, go look at my Mom's blog:
Once my facebook albums are done then you can look at those too.


  1. Hummm, free advertising! I don't know what I think about that. :) We loved having you come visit. The two weeks went by way too fast we have so much more to show you.

  2. well... I figured that since you've already blogged on so much of the trip... I'd just mooch.