Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Saturday

It's Saturday morning, I woke up at 10:30 and ate a delicious bowl of Alfredo. Life is good. Actually this whole week was a good one. Here are the best part of my week.

1. I made a midnight run to I-hop with some friends last night and we ate crepes. YUM!

2. Trio was and is a blast. The other two girls in my trio are so funny! The best moment was on Thursday as we were sight-reading; Meleece suddenly made the most peculiar noise over and over... why? Because she wanted to make the grand piano next to us resonate. Once we finished laughing she was finally able to explain that one.

3. MY PRACTICE ROOM LIGHT GOT FIXED!!! YAHOOOOOOOO!!! It means that as of Tuesday I no longer have to lurk around trying to steal a practice room.

4. The power went out in the HFAC! It was probably the most epic moment of my week (minus a few of the amazing quotes by Tae and Tia). I was down in the practice rooms and suddenly everything went pitch black (remember the practice rooms are underground with ZERO natural light). It was sort of fun. All the instrumentalists came out into the hallway and we just sat and waited for power again (since none of us could leave our instruments, and we couldn't really pack up either). The piano majors kept playing... show offs.

5. I found out that even the music profession is going politically correct: Collaborative Pianist = Accompanist. (Technically a useful move, but it made me laugh.)

6. I survived both of my tests this week. And my composition presentation. And life in general.

7. I FINISHED MY PARIS RECORDING!!! Now I just have to sit and wait... and wait... and wait... until March to find out if I've been accepted. The hard part for me is over.

8. I am listening to Qawwali music (pronounced Ka-bali). It's pretty well my new favorite, and makes me wish I was from Western India.

9. My family gets home in just over a week! I can call them again!

10. Denise, who is one of my favorite people ever, and I have a laundry date. Sounds boring but it's not. We head to a laundromat, and while the machines clean our clothes we party. Last time we watched Cars. Here's a picture of the two of us at her bachelorette party, thus showing how cool we really are. *grin*


  1. Glad you had such a good week!

    Hmmmm....collaborative pianist? That's good to know!

  2. Dearest Nicole. You make me laugh ever so hard. I pretty much adore you. How did your trio thing go the other morning? -Tae