Monday, July 13, 2009

Celebrating Anarchy Early...

Because who can tell the French to do anything?
Apparently having one day to celebrate the destruction of a governing system isn't enough, the celebrations must start early and must continue late into the night. So, I'm awake.
Tomorrow is Bastille day here in France, and I'm quite excited, however, in honor of all the royalty who made stupid decisions leading up to the storming of the Bastille and the decapitation of Louis XVI we are headed to Versailles, the root of the problems leading to the storming of the Bastille. Basically, it can be argued, and quite well, that if the royalty had not moved to Versailles and become separated from the common people in Paris (more than they already were that is) the Revolution would not have taken on the same level or had the same results. Louis XVI was not the problem, he just happened to be the unlucky inheritor of his ancestors poor decisions. Poor Louis. Although, to the people's credit, he was sort of a wimpy ruler, and had he tried to exert more ruling power and actually do something as opposed to whine that everyone was picking on him things might have turned out slightly differently. But that's just my opinion. None the less, I am ecstatic to visit Versailles and pick up cool historical trivia and perhaps piece some answers together.

Here are my most recent observations in Pareeee:
1. French men are beautiful. To look at. But only to look at. Because they stink. A lot.
2. I want a pet bunny. I held bunnies in the Sunday pet market and am now wishing I could have one. If I named it fish do you think the apartment complex would get cranky with me?
3. Bunnies and French men probably have a lot in common. They are fun to look at, but when you get close and spend time around them they stink. I don't think I want a bunny.
4. Amber's blond moments get better and better. Upon hearing Dr. C and I discussing a falaffel restaurant here in Paris she piped in, "What's falaffel, is it like a Waffle?" Oh Amber. Have no fear, I am going to educate her as to the beauties of falaffel, which in fact, is nothing like a waffle.
5. The only way to stay awake in a Lasser lecture is to do your homework during the lecture, and even then, it's tricky.
6. This program is made up mostly of composers. Composers are interesting people. They can be divided into four groups. The quirky, the quirkier, the quirkiest, and the stoned. And at least half of them, no matter what time of the day it is, look like they just got out of bed. I blame Beethoven.
7. When you get too many musicians together really really shameless and awful music jokes abound. And everyone finds them funny.
8. Palestrina wrote and augmented second. Shame on you, Palestrina.
9. Getting distracted in the Subway can take you on adventures you never even dreamed of.
10. Boiled eggs in sandwiches are amazing.
11. Counterpoint is entertaining, until you realize you wrote all parallel fifths and outlined a tritone. Then you just want to cry.
12. Stella C-Money is the Bomb.

Favorite quote of the day:
"There are four types of chords: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the forgotten"
~ Joseph S.

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  1. *tsking*
    That Beethoven and his scruffy ways. Mmmmm... scruff. *daydreaming*