Friday, July 24, 2009

Quotes and other ramblings

Today marks the beginning of my last week in Paris. How the time has flown. There are things I wont miss, like looooooooooong metro rides and getting lung cancer from all the second hand smoke, but there are other parts of this I will miss. I loooove the bread here, it's about all I've eaten... in varying forms that is. Gelato is AMAZING!!! The architecture and streets here are pretty, and I get such a kick out of visiting historical monuments.
In the next week I have to visit a few more famous places and do my last trip to the Louvre to soak in a little more museum goodness. I want to go eat a really good crepe, and more Gelato, and I've heard there is a falaffel place here that is to die for. I want to go sit on the banks of the Seine and watch the city go by. I want to find a painting and buy it, preferably for not too much money. I want to go visit more gardens and enjoy the what little living scenery there is here. We'll see if I get it all in. It's gonna get crowded.

I thought instead of observations for you I'd start posting some of my favorite quotes from this month. Remember, we're a lot of really really nerdy musicians... so these jokes get rather... nerdy musicianish. Don't feel bad if you are lost.

~"I'm just so, so insanely popular" Dr. Clayton
~"In the test we didn't mark off for sharps, 'cause they're natural" Teddy
~"I don't use movable 'do' I use movable 'la' see: la la la la la la la la (sings scale)" Big Lee
~ "Okay pancakes, 1, 2, 3, CHEESE" Amber talking to her food
~"I've dated three Ben's, Ben the First, Ben the Second, and Ben the Conquer" Danielle
~"Direct fifths are like jay walking... but if you don't get caught, what's the harm?" Teddy
~"Call me Stella" Dr. Clayton
~"That's just one more reason not to friend you on Facebook" Dr. Clayton
~"Hey guys, hey guys, ACHOOOO!" Amber
~"Your purse talked to me." Amber
~"You be the Jedi Master & I'll be your Padiwan" Danielle, cheesy pick up lines gone Star Wars
~"Playing Bach is like in the Odyssey when Odysseus must go through the sea with the sirens. You flutes, you're the sirens, and piano you are both Odysseus and the sailors. You must put wax in your ears and continue forward, but you also must be Odysseus who listens and wants to be drawn in" Narcis Bonet
~"Here is the difference between staccato and speccato. Staccato is Bach. Speccato, Offenbach." Narcis Bonet
~"Sometimes you look around and realize there are some really attractive Frenchmen here" Stella
~"There are four types of chords: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the forgotten." Joseph
~"The problem is, I'm not sure we'd notice if Amber were drunk..." Danielle
~"There's a lot of crime here, that's really something" Shapiro
~"Basses, lets at least pretend we all want to sing the same pitch" Shapiro
~"TUNE, Alto's I can't hear you, Basses, all in the same octave, Tenors, find your pitch!" Shapiro
~"I'm gonna get tagged so much tonight my mom is gonna feel it" Big Lee
~"Come for Revolution, Stay for Cake" Big Lee
~"We're turning these gardens into an executive golf course" David on Versailles
~"A Nymph dressed in... oh my!" Dr. L translating a french song cycle on the spot.
~"Hey Jude" Stella
~"And that, Amber, is how you pull a prank" Myself
~"I need a drink. I wonder if I could find something STIFF" Stella
~"Was it Gobs or Horsey?"
~"This sonata is Brahms in a tavern after a few beers" R. Howait

And then there are those conversations you come in on at the wrong moment:
"I'm glad I waited to start using (illicit drugs) it was nice to see the world some before the third eye was opened and I saw things as they were" a certain composer

"All I have going for me is that I can look dumb even though I'm smart" Amber... there's a story behind this somewhere...

"Heels are my protection, they scare off the guys who are just a little to short" Nicole
"Not me, they're like jumping in honey and rolling around if you don't like bees" Amber

"What interval is that?"
"That's right, it's a diminished nasty" (if you must know, it was a diminished fourth and I had to attempt to sing my way through it... utterly disgusting...)


  1. Hahaha you know how I thoroughly enjoy reading these...especially when you so lovingly pick on me. ;) Love the layout by the way.

  2. Hey Cole,
    Sorry to hear your fun is coming to an end soon but we are very excited to see you again. Hope the last week is wonderful.

  3. It sounds like you're all having a wonderful time! The quotes made me laugh...thanks for sharing!! Enjoy your last few days!!!

  4. I just about *died* when I read the "parallel fifths" quote. Hilarious, Nicole! Hilarious!

    Also. If you EVER hint that falffel is better in PARIS than it is in ISRAEL, I will play all the hymns in church at 40 bpm.