Saturday, July 4, 2009

History Child, Hear me ROAR!!!

Today we visited an ancient Roman Caste. This is how I feel
about castles:

Now here are some pictures of the castle:

Now, for anyone who knows castles, does this look Roman to you? Nope. The Romans left Europe long before castles like this were being built. Hence the style for the arrow slits, the size and the style of the walls and layout of the castle. Also note the grooves where the roof would have been held up. Upon wandering the castle I became extremely irked, pronounced it cleeeeeeeearly not Roman and personally dated it at an early 1100. Upon returning home I looked it up. It was built in 996. Basically I feel freaking awesome. Our director may really really know music, but don't mess with me when it comes to castles. Not to mention after wandering around I determined that there must have been an outer wall because the keep was rather small and lacking in defenses. Minimal arrow slits and it seemed that the gate would have been small. I dragged Danielle and Amber with me and not too far from the castle what did we find, but the ruined wall. BASICALLY I AM A FREAKING AWESOME AMAZING CASTLE LOVING FIEND!!!

If you run into me in the next few days I will probably still be gloating.

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