Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random Amusement

Eat, Run, Practice, Eat, Work, Practice, Eat, Practice, Sleep.

This is all I do... in about that order. But in between I have managed to squeeze in personal entertainment.

~ I bought my books today. Amusing, no. Painful, yes. So why am I listing it? Because one of my books was an entire book on the Black Death. Soooooooooo excited. I'm already reading it. yay.

~ I got my hands on a piccolo today thanks to the awesomeness of Amber. Said piccolo had a note in it that said it's name was Pip. Not sure what I think of that name... it's rather cheesy... but also cute. Judgement will be passed soon, and Pip may get a more manly middle name.

~ Went running, didn't die. Major victory. Also, no cat calls, also a major victory.

~ Back with the naming of instruments. Since moving into my new apartment I've only reffered to my flute by his name... it's starting to get entertaining. I think I've been pegged as the roommate who is headed to the altar with some Johnathan fellow. *chortle* We will see how long this charade lasts.


  1. Just so you know...I believe it was Meleece who named Pip, so likely 'twas her who left the note!! Her legacy lives on....

  2. Well, that makes the name cooler... but all I see when I hear the name Pip is a little chipmunk saying, "is gooood"...