Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Road Tripping

In the last few weeks since my return from Paris I've spent a looooot of time on the road. I drove back from Idaho to Provo, then a week later from Provo to Boise then to Soda Springs, then to Idaho Falls and now I'm back in Provo.
I really don't mind driving, I like the time to think and enjoy music and scenery, but some parts of Idaho and northern Utah are just ugly and the radio cuts out and all that is left is honkey-tonk country, which is the most horrid version of an already troubled genre.
In my drive to Boise there was a two hour section like this, absolutely nothing... no radio and dead waste land all around me. Every mile looked exactly the same, on and on... and on... and on... When suddenly I looked up and saw this:

and heard: It's Mater like Termater with out the ter.

Followed by this fellow sitting on the road shouting:

What did I tell you about fraternizing with the prisoners?

And then some guy named Filmore drove by offering his "all natural" gasoline, and I started to wonder what was in my drink...

What can I say, I'd been alone in a car for far to long, and my love for Pixar and Disney has yet to be matched.

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