Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Because I'm turning twenty tomorrow, and am somewhat narcissistic, here is a list of twenty things most of you may not know about me.

1. Putting in contacts makes me sneeze. Not every time, but pretty regularly.
2. I have never been able to do a hand stand, not even under water, which is just pathetic.
3. I am terrified of snakes. It's a borderline phobia, I don't go in reptile houses or anything.
4. I hate cooking chicken. The smell grosses me out, so I never make anything with chicken in it.
5. I was born one month premature, it stunted my growth.
6. I wanted to play the clarinet not the flute. Now I wake up every morning and am incredibly thankful my mom prodded me towards the flute. (No offense clarinet players)
7. I don't actually have anything against my cell phone, I just never remember to bring it with me. There is an odd rumor going around that I am violently opposed to cell phones, when in reality I'm just opposed to cell phones when in the hands of idiots.
8. In kindergarten my favorite animal was the vulture. No joke. I liked them because they kept our roads clean (we lived out in the boonies of Kentucky and there were always nasty dead animals on our road.)
9. As a little kid I loved dinosaurs. I had a dinosaur sleeping bag and everything. My brother had an elephant one. Backwards, huh?
10. I did not go on a single date while I was nineteen. Perhaps twenty will go a little better.
11. I'm mildly allergic to chocolate, but I eat it every two to three weeks hoping that one of these times I won't have a reaction. No luck so far.
12. I don't cry in movies, except for Disney, those ones are just so touching. Truly.
13. One ear turns bright bright red when I am really tired. Just one ear.
14. I got an infection from my wisdom teeth being removed... three months later.
15. When I get the hiccups they are really really reallllllllllllly loud. And physically they hurt a lot.
16. I've never repeated the first letter of a name with anyone I've been on a date with.
17. I have never broken a bone, had a cavity, or had chicken pox.
18. I received four marriage proposals in one day. Boo YA!
19. The longest date I ever went on was ten hours.
20. Senior year of high school I recited all one hundred scripture masteries, in order, from memory. Cause I'm hard core like that.

Yay. Happy Birthday to me.


  1. Well. That's twenty wonderful things that I really didn't know about you!!

    Happy Birthday, shorty!


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You make me laugh, like usual. :) and #17---me too! I have never met anyone else that met those criteria...I always knew I liked you!