Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Peanut Butter

Today I opened a new jar of peanut butter. In my poor collegiate life it's actually one of my favorite things to do. Particularly if it's creamy peanut butter. Sometimes there's a cool swirl, other times it's perfectly smooth with maybe a bubble or two. They must put the stuff in while it's really really hot, otherwise it would never look that cool. If I was giving a talk I'm sure I could find some deeper meaning in this... but I'm not. So just know I like peanut butter.

Other things of slightly more interest to those of you who stuck around:
~ Danielle and I played in masterclass and we rocked. Basically, you all wish you were there. (but if you weren't we're trying to get it on one of the new music concerts,and if we do, you should all come... because this piece is EPIC.)
~ Dr. Clayton pronounced Amber and I as the new Meleece. Pretty well stoked. I'm taking it as a good thing... right?
~ Found out my apartment complex hates me... no parking sticker for me. LAME!
~ Got asked out... had to tell the poor guy I was running a half marathon that morning... At least it's a legit excuse right? I wouldn't have been back in time, and he wanted to go hiking... no good after a half marathon.
~ The book sale on campus is KILLING me. All I want to do is give all those beautiful books a home. I'm making myself wait until Friday when the last remnants are marked down to 90% off. I figure my taste in books is unique enough that maybe something I want will be left, right? I've got my eye on a really cool looking book about the history of the inquisition... I stuck it under a stack of books hoping no one will notice it. I'm soooo sneaky.
~ Speaking of books, I'm reading a book about Magellan right now, and it's incredible. I can barely put the thing down.
~ Studied the Celts in history today and my history teacher made fun of all the neodruids who go celebrate (get high) at Stonehenge, which was neither Celtic nor around for the time of the druids. Do your history before you go run a muck in a historical monument. (Of course, I'm left wondering why the British government puts up with it when they could do a little research and get Stonehenge back it's dignity.)
~ Finally, but probably not the most exciting, the half marathon, in case you hadn't already gathered, is on Saturday. Yeah... death...

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