Thursday, September 17, 2009

Phones, can't live with 'em

And apparently you can't live with out them either (as much as I try). Within the last month I've received plenty of complaints that I'm not answering or impossible to get a hold of. Oops. I just never think about the darned thing, and it has an odd habit of only ringing when out of earshot. Murphy's Laws meets my cell phone. Murphy is winning. Those who know me well may be miffed, but at least they are used to the fact that I'm a airhead when it comes to remembering my phone. It's all the people who randomly try to get a hold of me that I feel bad for. Someday I will reform. Perhaps after I no longer spend over four hours a day in places where I get ZERO cell phone service.
Speaking of ZERO service, what's with everyone in the practice rooms. People, we're not a freaking conservatory. GO HOME! This is the second day in a row that I have not been able to find a room at 9pm. What the heck?! I've never had trouble getting rooms at night. The E wing was full, so I checked the C wing, FULL, and even the theory rooms were full. grrrrrrrrrrr. Angst Angst Angst. (picture me banding my head against the practice room hall way and you've got the right idea.) Denying a musician a practice room is like putting a little kid in a candy store, opening every bag, sprinkling all the candy right in front of him, and then telling him to watch you devour all the candy by yourself.
On a happier note, my boss brought back pizza from a meeting, so who got to eat it... that's right, all the pre-professional minions. Brilliant! I love free food and I love pizza, so basically it was a festival of love and joy. Truly. I love my job.
Also, Blackboard is down. Shocker. Which really means I can't do ANY of the reading for my history class. I'm enjoying the break now, but there will be H-E-double-hockey-sticks to pay when it gets going again. Although, we are only studying Saxon England, so there isn't really that much of interest... if we were 500 years later I might be a little more disgruntled.
Finally, there is a Chinese music concert in the Madsen tomorrow night. You really really really want to be there. I heard them play today and they were incredible. It's a husband wife duo, and the music they play is sooooooooo good. Incredible amounts of talent combined with an already amazing musical genre translates into a night of AWESOME. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeee there. You won't regret it.
The end.

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  1. I'm commenting on your blog...even though you are looking over my shoulder right now to read what I have to say. UPDATE YOUR BLOG. I like reading your entries. The end.