Tuesday, September 1, 2009


That's exactly how I felt at work today. No joke. Here's why:

1) Spent fifteen minutes on the phone with computer support, found out I'm inept.
2) Meant to put a caller on hold... actually left them sitting for five minutes, not on hold, listening to me freak out while trying to figure out what number to transfer them to.
3) To gain empathy for the students I am working I took a practice LSAT. Most people usually come in having studied some, maybe taken a class and then they take a practice test. Nope, I went for it right off... ouch. I'm not even half way and I have a deep understanding for every horror story I've ever heard about that test.

Other things on my mind:
1) The ever interesting prospect of a double major...
2) Teach for America
3) The kid who sat in front of me and explained that he was going to two wards each Sunday to maximize the number of women he was meeting... can you say psycho wife hunter? I had to get up and move a few rows further away because he gave me the heebie-jeebies.
4) The ultimate Esma costume, I'm on the hunt... pictures will be posted when I am finished.
5) Dinner. I'm hungry... and it's only four thirty. ugh.

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