Monday, November 16, 2009

Tallying up a day

For those of you who wonder why you never see me, here's a list of a few things I did today:

Wrote 2 papers.
Went to 4 classes.
Cried twice (today wasn't exactly the best day).
Attended 2 rehearsals for a total of 3 hours.
Practiced 5 hours.
Ran errands for 2 hours.
Went to FHE for 1 hour.
Avoided life with Amber for 1 hour.
Ranted against an evil TA and teacher twice.
Had an awesome roommate tell me life goes on twice.
Fought with my internet for one hour at 4:30 am.
Wished I had more time to go running 4 times.
Read my scriptures, text books, and a news article on something I don't even remember now.
Walked to campus twice.
Drove to Campus once.
Scheduled more rehearsals.
Slept, not enough.

Are you exhausted? Cause I sure am.

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