Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bring it on!!!!!

This semester would be one that fits in the category of: "hit the ground running or you will die." I've never started a semester that is so front heavy... not because my teachers are psychotic and assigned ten page research papers that are due in a week or two or anything like that, but because I have so much going on with music. This Wednesday is the final round of the concerto competition, and after being incredibly surprised that I made it here, now I actually want to do well, so all I do is play the Martin over, and over, and over. Right after that is finished I have two weeks to finish my NFA tapes and then it's two more weeks and it's my recital. No pressure. Actually, I'm feeling good about my recital with the exception of the Sancan, where we have a relationship based on un-requited love. I love the Sancan, but it doesn't seem to care for me much yet. Boo.

Work has also been interesting with the new semester. The office has been filled with panicked students who've realized that they are graduating in April and don't know what to do with their lives, so why not law school? Silly people who get undergraduate degrees that are useless... I wouldn't know anything about doing something like that *cough*.

Other points of interest, I think I am the old woman in my history class. Weird. Most of them are freshman, and how did I surmise this: they were asking each other what hall they were in. Actually there's one kid in my class who's married, so I'm going to assume he's an RM and therefor older than me, but of the girls I know I'm the old woman. Listening to the freshman is fun in an odd sense... they're still looking for majors and to them three more years looks like a really, really long time. I'm not so sure it's all that much longer, because it seems a little surreal that two years ago I was in much the same place as them... I'm not ready to only have one more year left of my undergrad... CRAZY! I figured it all out, I have two terms and two semesters left and I'm done... weird, weird, weird.

And just to give you a taste of how awesome a few of my teachers are, here are my favorite statements of the week:

"No dating 'till you're thirty, only flute!" ~ Stella
"I am the flute guru" ~ Stella
"I have issues with Mormon music, as any good musician should" ~ Dr. Howard
"Hildegard (an eleventh century nun and composer) became an icon for the lesbian community… I guess because she never got married, she's fair game…" ~ Dr. Howard.
"You hear it and say 'ah, that's Latin… I have no idea what's going on'… that's why it's so good as a religious text" ~ Dr. Howard

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