Monday, January 25, 2010


Mondays have always been real favorites of mine. Oh the joy of the weekend melting into the recognition of things that should have been done on Saturday. I had good intentions this weekend, I made a list of everything I was going to get done, and I crossed off four things. Unfortunately the list had well over ten things, blech.

So what makes a Monday memorable?

How about having your disposal go berserk on you, eat a spoon, and have the switch fall off so you can't turn the thing off or rescue the spoon with out loosing a hand or getting electrocuted.

I've always liked finding out that you have a demon test coming much sooner than you expected.

Or maybe realizing you are on your last pair of clean unmentionables.

Mondays are really fun when you have to do laundry, and accidentally get locked out of your apartment by a roommate... especially when you do laundry in clothes that shouldn't be seen by anyone... things could only get better if those clothes don't keep you very warm and you are stuck out in the cold... if you really want it to be a winner make sure the only roommate you can reach is being siphoned for blood and still has plenty left to fill that bag...

Of course something that does make a Monday memorable is posting a picture like this as your profile picture:

Such a picture must be posted without saying anything to anyone, and will result in texts, facebook messages, and knowing looks from Stella.

It's even better when the original photo looked like this:

And you all thought I was dating someone... psh... You're all simply too easy...


  1. Hey now, taking advantage of my gullibility is a downright SIN.

  2. Hey, I very nearly almost did the getting-locked-out-by-a-roommate-while-doing-laundry. We have those handles that can be locked but still open from the inside, so its' quite easy to get locked out. Luckily I remembered in the nick of time that my roommate (aka husband) is fanatical about locking the door and would have locked it when he left. So I didn't end up locked out with my laundry until he got home. But I symptahize.

  3. You got me, too. Dang, what IS he standing on??