Thursday, March 25, 2010

Almost There...

You know it's the end of the semester and you're exhausted when:

~You have to bribe yourself to get out of bed by promising yourself a nap at lunch time.
~You plan your days around cramming in the most practicing and paper writing possible.
~You make fun of those who had spring break because they still have over a month of school left.
~Making fun of people with spring break no longer helps, you just want to be done.
~You are counting down the number of days left in any given class.
~Your professors start sending out "you can do it" or "just hold on" or "I believe in you" e-mails to try and motivate your class.
~Your professor spends an entire lecture making fun of the way Americans speak because he doesn't want to be in class either. He supplements this form of amusement with dancing to the music being studied and telling random stories.
~You start wishing your classes were pass-fail.
~You begin contemplating the viability of getting all your food and nutrients through an IV to save time.
~The highlight of a week was dropping all of your spring term classes, and now your contemplating getting the same level of joy from dropping your summer classes.
~Even after 8 hours of sleep in a night you need two or three naps to function.

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