Friday, September 3, 2010

And you thought you were rid of me...

I thought when I came over here that I wouldn't have access to blogger or facebook or anything like that, but my clever little brother fixed that one, for now. So here I am to say hello.


I feel like I should catch you up on the recent goings on in my life, but I also feel really lazy. So just a few thoughts.

1. Visiting the Aunt in Portland = good times had by all, except maybe my Uncle who got stuck with the kids while we went and played. Ooh, and I made my very own birthday cake. It was a barbie princess one. I turned 21 and made a barbie princess birthday cake. I have arrived.
2. After months of being lazy I started exercising with my Mom. One week later I'm pretty sure you can't find a muscle that hasn't felt abused at some point in the last week. Currently I feel like someone kicked me in the ribs, and after biking yesterday on my Dad's bike I'm not so good in the sitting department either. Oh the price of beauty... or something.
3. It's hot here. Really really really really really hot and muggy. I'm already grateful I'm serving somewhere dry. Although I still don't want to be in Phoenix for the summer.
4. Spending a day feeling ill in a country with a sketchy idea of what bathrooms are and should be leaves you feeling a little paranoid about leaving the house for anything. Squatters + Nicole = unhappiness. Squatters + sick Nicole = @#$(%&#*%#
5. My family is planning a trip to Japan in October. Part of me really wants to check with the Mission President to see if I could get a week long leave of absence. I'm sure he'll say yes... not.
6. My little brother has almost been out on his mission for 3 months. I can't believe it. I wonder if those first 3 months will seem as fast when you are the one experiencing them instead of just reading weekly e-mails.
7. I'm wearing sweats and flip flops every chance I get before going to the MTC. You have to get the important things in.

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  1. ...Because after your mission you will not appreciate pants. I mean, you will. But they will feel weird for the first few days.