Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We rehearse... when we're not laughing...

My trio rehearsals, as alluded to in a previous post, are probably my favorite part of the day. We practice, so long as we aren't dying from laughter. In between the actual rehearsal Meleece managed to quote the better portion of the last Office episode (I may actually watch that one), impersonate the new Brian Regan skit, and confuse Jenni and I significantly:

Meleece: This piece makes me think of the time when women wore the big hats with bows.

Jenni/Nicole: What?

Meleece: You know, like in that cartoon. The one where the fedora loved the blue ribbon one, but some man came along and bought the blue ribbon...

Jenni: A prostitute?!?!

Meleece: NO A HAT!!!

(Apparently there was once a cartoon Meleece saw about two hats that fell in love... I'm still a little lost, but it sounds more uplifting than we originally thought... you know those sketchy cartoon kid shows from the late 80's?)

Anyhow, we decided that if we ever perform this piece we're going to wear hats. I call the "hooker one" with the blue ribbon.

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