Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dear Old Man Winter,

I have noticed that you have taken your leave earlier than usual. The ground is not covered in it's usual mountain of snow, and I no longer look like an Eskimo as I walk to class. Today I actually wore a "summer" dress to church. I haven't had to wear my boots for over two weeks!

What is up? Are you messing with me? I'm pretty sure I can't deal with the idea that you just might pop back into my life. Your presence is welcome and highly anticipated around mid November, but you can't mess with me after Christmas. That's cruel. I'd say unusual, but I know your type. It's not fair that you seem to disapear, only to reappear when I start getting my summer clothes out. So, I have one very small simple request. Don't let it warm up here until you are really ready to head out. Last year's snow storm in April was really really rude. I'm not sure I've forgiven you for that yet. Especially after it was warm for so long. I was inbetween moving apartments... I didn't even have access to a coat! I froze because of you!

So, don't leave until you are really finished. I can't deal with the thought that this warm weather may just be a farce to drive me insain. Get it, got it, GOOD!

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  1. Did you get the counter to work? I don't see it. This weather thing is a sign of the times you know. :)