Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dear Migraines,

We've been together a long time. You've kept me company for close to four years, paying little heed to when you were welcome, and when I needed you to leave me alone. I've pampered you, babied you, and generally let you make the decisions. When you come to visit I drop everything. However, for once, just this week, please let me be. I just don't have time for you in my life right now. With Law Fair, Homecoming Spectacular, and MTNA, I'm busier than I ever wanted to be, and you seem to like to stop by when things get a little chaotic. You've been threatening to visit since about seven thirty last night and I understand, you miss me, but please, let me be.
Love always,

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  1. Dear Nicole,
    What can I do to help? Are you eating well? Trying to get a little rest? Drink plenty of water, and call me if you need anything!! I'll talk to that migraine if you need me to.