Saturday, October 17, 2009

Inherited from Dad

I've inherited a lot from my Dad, my love for reading, at least half of my height, a love of music, the desire and patience to read every single sign in a museum, and a love for trees.
It's fall here in Utah, but it's just not cutting it for me. Fall is the season where I miss Michigan. I've never seen so many gorgeous colors and the weather is so pretty. At least before the seven month long winter sets in... I've tried explaining to people just what a Utah fall is lacking, but no one gets it. Fall has a certain smell, the air has an edge that hints at the winter to come as it pulls the smell of leaves across your nose before you wrap the scarf around tighter. The trees look like fire dancing between the grass and the sky as every color of red, orange and yellow is present. The trees are everywhere and they are beautiful. There are just no trees here in Utah. I think I need to retreat up into the mountains again to go walk through at least a decent amount of trees. So, for those of you lucky enough to be enjoying a real fall with plentiful trees, leaves and all the beauty that goes with it, go out and take a big deep breath of fall air for me. Cause I really miss that.


  1. Chyeah. I hear ya, Virginia has amazing autumns!

  2. Nicole! You have a blog! And I know just what you mean... I miss North Carolina deeply in the fall. Idaho falls are nice and all, but they're short, cold, and never so brilliantly beautiful as Eastern falls.