Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just to Prove I'm Still Alive...

I've sort of dropped off the face of the blogging world. Don't take offense, I've dropped off the face of the real world too. The only people I see are Amber, Danielle, Megan, and those who I work with or have classes with.
Currently I'm trying a new sleep experiment. The basic idea being I'm going to bed about two hours earlier and getting up two hours earlier... it's interesting... we'll see how long it lasts.
Other moments of interest:
~You know you've been a music major for too long when there is a hierarchy in your mind about who you prefer to kick out of your practice room. The vocalist and brass player today... really can't say I felt bad at all... now the cellist yesterday, I felt awful.
~Sometimes I have to wonder if all the people who walk through my door are really cut out for law school. Aren't lawyers supposed to have great powers of deductive reasoning? And yet some of these people are dumber than door nails, no joke! During the devotional Tuesday I was chilling the back, the lights out front were off, there was a big sign saying, "We are closed, go be righteous and go to the devotional" (maybe not exactly that... but you get the jist) and yet a student still walked in a wanted advice on getting into law school. Clearly this kid will do well in the reading comprehension section of the LSAT.
~Trying to keep up with classes and apply for a grant is a pain in the butt. The end. Why don't they do the applications in the summer when there is time to devote your life to researching something unrelated to all of your classes. Oh snap, maybe that's where I went wrong... where are all the classes on playing Asian instruments and why am I not in them?
~I went running for the first time since the race. Pathetic, but hey, that's life. Buuuut, it was absolutely amazing. I think I'm hooked... I love how good I feel for the entire day after I run, it's the ultimate high.
~Finally, after a series of unfortunate events I now have a new history teacher. There has been much sadness on the part of all the students in the class. This sadness has only been compounded by the fact that our long term sub looks like Dolores Umbridge and has the personality to match.


  1. Love the new layout! So cute!

    And you've totally piqued my interest!! Who WAS your history teacher, and why isn't that person still your history teacher, and who is your long term sub that looks and acts like Dolores Umbridge?? (Which I have to confess is a perfect name for a character such as that!!)

  2. Malcolm Thorpe was my teacher... and he had a heart attack and had to have a triple heart bypass, sooooooo he's out for the semester. Sad, cause I loved him. Now we have some crazy lady as our teacher... so my once favorite class is slowly dropping down my list. Tragedy.