Friday, October 2, 2009

See You Next Fall!

For those of you who attended last night's concert, I hope you enjoyed it. I can't complain much... the little wooden beast I play on was relatively in tune and I didn't fall on my face, at least when I was getting on stage. However, do any of you recall the resounding thwack that echoed through the concert hall as the opening prayer was being said? A certain very tall piccolo player that I know just might have been walking in late, and just might have thought that there were only two steps not three to get to her seat and she just might have fallen flat on her face while trying to stealthily sneak in. That just might have been what happened. Just maybe.

With the arrival of fall, no longer being used as a verb by yours truly, I have fallen in love with the boots my mom got me this summer. They keep my toes warm and happy, now I just need to buy tights to go with them so I don't freeze going to work in a skirt this winter.

And last but not least, the grandparents are in town and taking the cousins to lunch! Yay food! So, I'll catch ya'll later.


  1. I laughed outloud while reading this. I appreciate your willingness to possibly sustain an injury to make your dear aunt laugh. Hope you had a nice lunch with G&G, my roommate and I always loved it when they came through.

  2. And you didn't tell me about this...why?