Friday, March 13, 2009

I could blog about....

... how I want to do nothing but sleep. Or how I relived my childhood this week as Jana and I watched Star Wars. I could tell you about feeling displaced homesickness. Perhaps you want to know about the number of hours I spend with my flute, and what that does to the rest of my life. Maybe the ulcers that Dictation is giving me could be an interesting topic. Or the words of wisdom my mother gave me as I called panicking on Tuesday. There's the laundry I have to do, but don't want to touch. And I keep thinking about how beautiful Provo looked this morning as I left the temple. I bet you've never realized how hard it is to get a practice room, especially on a Friday afternoon. But it all worked out 'cause I got to see some good friends this afternoon (instead of practicing). I've also started to run once again.

In my flute lesson on Wednesday a opera singer from The Met dropped in to see Dr. C. That was crazy, he's apparently one of the most famous LDS opera singers, ever. I don't really have time to blog, so I can't tell you how much I hate the new facebook lay out. I won't even take time to tell you how irritated I was when my teacher didn't show for my test this morning. I can't describe to you how anxious I am for summer, or how tired I am of school. Even though I feel like drifting off right now, I know I can't take time for a nap.

And time, it's such an interesting thing. I wish I could describe to you how long a single day feels, until about 9 at night when I look back on all that I've accomplished. You'd never believe how good it feels at 9pm as I am looking back, even if I did feel like spending paragraphs on it.

I have so much to tell you, but so little time. I think I need Dumbledore's pensive, because the thoughts in my mind are swimming so fast it's almost dizzying...

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  1. Okay you made me dizzy too!!! I think you need some sleep little girl. :) I love you.