Sunday, March 15, 2009


So, for those of you who I haven't told yet: I was accepted this week to spend the month of July studying music in Paris!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited, and mostly still in the I-can't-believe-this-is-actually-going-to-happen stage. I applied earlier this semester and spent the last month and a half stressing over getting in. I relived my audition so many times and picked each and every phrase apart agonizing over each imperfection.
The program is amazing, and the faculty is superb, with Dr. C. being one of the teachers. I'll spend the month studying music theory and counterpoint in all it's forms. Also I'll get to play in chamber ensembles, and play in concerts! In the program they bring in artists and composers from all over, and one of my friends who went last year got to premier a piece.
I'm also really excited because we'll get to go see lots of the music sights in Paris. I WILL GET TO TOUCH RAVEL'S PIANO!!! *eek* Also to get to study music and it's history in the city that is the flute capital of the world will be nothing less than spectacular. Paris was where the golden age of the flute happened. Many of the most world famous flute players today got their training in Paris. The Paris school of flute playing is one of the most (if not the most) respected flute styles and through my teachers I can trace my flute pedigree back to Paris. (Doing so probably represents the ultimate level of nerdiness... *grin*)
I'll be going with Amber and Danielle (two other flute majors) along with four other BYU students. During the day we'll take classes and sight see around Paris and at night we'll be attending all sorts of concerts. I can't wait. All I want is to fast forward to July. Although I probably ought to spend the next few months practicing like none other so that I sound good when I get there.... practice rooms, here I come!


  1. oh ive always wanted to visit paris! do take pictures.
    please visit my blog:

  2. Congratulations Nicole, we are so proud of you. Mom and Dad

  3. Wahoo!!! Way to go Nicole--that is SO exciting. And please think of me when yo uare touching that amazing piano please. :)

  4. I'm so excited for you!! CONGRATS!!!