Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What am I?

Often in examining one's college life, there comes a time to boil down the essence of existance: What a person is really up to. Some students are party animals. Some students are human calculators, these students spend days on end spouting formulas and other bussiness I could never hope to understand. Other students are philosopical beings, their whole lives spent examining the universe and such.
I am of much humbler existance. I am a lung. One big breathing, air-pumping, oxygen-loving organ. My whole existance currently focusing on breathing bigger, better, faster, quieter, you name it. A cold and I'm toast. One of the main reasons I run (minus currently... dumb knee) is because it builds up my lung capacity.
So, I'm headed home and off to bed... so that yet again tomorrow, I can be a lung once again. Woot.

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