Saturday, May 30, 2009

28 Days and Counting

That's how long I have until I leave for Paris. Not that I'm excited or anything. Actually, after a few weeks of being a bum, I'm realizing that I have things that I have to start getting ready, and these next few weeks are going to be busier than I had previously expected. Not a bad thing, but I'm actually going to have to get out of bed in the morning and get things done (says the girl who got up at noon... oops...)
In the next 28 days I have piano music to learn (chord progressions and modulations, ugh) flute music to master, travel plans to finish (I'm trying to figure out what I actually want to see in France so that I can make good use of my time) and in my spare time I'm going to a music camp, playing in an opera, and being a councilor for BYU's Summerfest, oh and flute lessons to teach. Should be fun.
Now looking back, here are pictures from the last few weeks showing just how AWESOME this apartment is. All pictures swiped from Megan, THANKS!

This one is the ever lovely Tae on the Y, we hiked up one friday night and this was the best of the surviving photos.

We also love to cram onto the love sack, all of us at once. *grin*

And when in doubt, we eat.

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