Saturday, May 2, 2009

Musings from over the Pacific

***completely unedited, so you may see what a travel wearied mind looks like… read at your own risk.
I bet you’ve never been blogged to from over ten thousand feet in the air. Feel free to add that to your list. The tv screens in front don’t work, otherwise I’d tell you exactly where we are and all the cool flight information. I guess you’ll have to do without. I think I shall outline the highlights of my trip using that “Roses and Thorns” game we always played at all the camps I went to in high school. I remember it particularly from the music camp I went to my junior year. All twelve of us in the cabin plus two councilors would say the best part of the day (our rose) and the worst part (our thorn). So, I’m going to tell you about a whole bouquet.

Rose: I managed to get out of bed. This is a bigger miracle than you think…
Thorn: It is a miracle because it was before 6am and I had went to bed the previous night at 2:30 am… you do the math.
Rose: I made it to the airport.
Thorn: They couldn’t find me anywhere. Note to anyone planning a long plane ride: try to minimize your stress by avoiding it early on… bring your confirmation number, because I nearly had a heart attack.
Rose: I had plenty of time even after freaking out at the check in desk. I had a lovely chat with Amber & Noelle.
Thorn: Chatted a little too long with Noelle and they had nowhere to put my carry-on luggage. I was then informed I would have to check it all the way to China.
Rose: Pleading and tears do work. ‘nuff said.
(I had lots of normal non airport food in my bag, no way on earth were they taking that from me. Hello, airplane food is D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G!)
Rose: Landed in Portland, had time to recharge my computer, chat on-line with my auntie, call two more friends, pee in a regular toilet etc.
Rose: The cool guy at the check-in counter looked at me and said, “I bet I can find a set with more leg room for you” GLORIOUS
Rose: I’ve been reading and eating string cheese for many hours now… this is the way to travel, and the plane is uber empty, so not only do I have a good seat, but no one is next to me, and I am stretched with my legs up on the seat across from me… this is the way to travel.
Rose: I finally saw Twilight. Pathetic, I know. Now I really can say that all the movies I see are on planes. ( I actually am harboring hope that in July they will show an edited version of the new HP movie so I can watch it, because airplanes can’t show R rated videos, so they have to edit it… and I’m still bitter that Rowling let them make an R rated HP movie. LAME!)
Thorn: So, remember how I have a problem with blood. Well, I almost got to add an airplane over the pacific as another place that I have passed out. You know that scene where her hand is cut, then blondie bites Bella, then she freaks out, and Edward has to save her. Well, it made me rather ill. I had to pause the movie and sit with my head between my knees. Basically, you all now want to invite me to parties. I know.
Side note: I actually had a rather mild response to the movie. It was neither as awful nor wonderful as I had been lead to expect. I think by having many many months to gage the reaction of everyone I was able to come in with a fairly balanced view. I liked how it wasn’t as ridiculous as the ads made it seem, but it still was rather cheesy. But cheesy isn’t a bad thing and I’m exhausted and easily amused right now… so this review could be moot.
Rose: I w as flipping through the songs on my zune and came across an old James Galway CD I haven’t listened to in forever… HE PLAYS WITH AN ELECTRIC GUITAR IN THE BACKGROUND. Only Galway. Only James Galway… *shakes head*
(Later somewhere between Japan and China)
Rose: Landed in Japan
Thorn: Swine flu… all these people in masks and covered in protective clothing came on board to check and make sure we were safe. It was really sci-fi. They had almost no skin showing, and this guy walked through with a infrared scanner. Then they pulled two people… I think those two got quarantined or something. Crazy!
Thorn: No highly coveted passport stamp. Tragic.
Rose: Boarded again and was finally able to sleep for the first time all trip.
Thorn: Said sleep lasted a whopping hour, and I awoke to the smell of airplane food (you know my sentiments). And it is currently 5am in Utah, so if I sound like an idiot, remember I have just effectively pulled an all-nighter.
Rose: TWO HOURS AND I GET TO SEE MY FAMILY!!! WOO HOO! Sooooooooooo excited. *excessive grinning*


  1. You cracker, HP is rated PG! Staying up all night really IS messing with your brain :)

  2. I love this post!! I'm glad that I was a rose and not a thorn. Whew! Have fun with the fam!

  3. I don't know if HP is rated R...hmmm. And haha good thing I didn't keep you on the phone longer than I did...otherwise your tears may not have worked! :) Girl I miss you. Paris is too far away!!!!

  4. one of the thorns was totally my fault..............sorry!!!!!!!!!! :(