Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Apparently you'll just have to wait.

So, I had this awesome blog written for you in which I was going to show you pictures of the Pearl Market and Walking Street but alas, China hates me. Or atleast the internet here does. I can't get the pictures to post. So, you'll have to wait 'till I am in the states. For now I'll suffice with telling you what I've done, and then you will be bombarded with pictures in less than a week. Fair?
Yesterday we visited a local orphanage, bought pearls, and went to Walking Street. I can give you more details if you so desire, but here's an overview. At the orphanage my mom, sister, two other ladies and I took about two hours to hold some little babies who just need a little more love. They were all so sweet, and it was fun to hold them. I spent most of my time holding a little blind baby and another one who has down syndrome. There was also a little girl about a year and a half old who hadn't been at the orphanage long who let me just hold her for quite some time. They were all so cute!
Later that afternoon we drove over to the pearl market and bought tons and tons of pearls. So fun! I got some stuff for myself, but the real winner was my aunt who sent a decent chunk of change. After buying pearls we went to Walking Street where there are tons of shops and booths. Morgan and I got skirts and I got a new shirt. Best of all I almost bought a skirt like one that I got yesterday, but we only payed a small fraction of the price. Lovely.

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