Sunday, May 10, 2009

Quick Update

So, I'll fix the pictures later. But, the first one is my sister with a bear at a reserve we went to... they just kept feeding him water melon and he let us pet him. Next, me with two adorable little monkeys... they were a riot! Third, the beautiful Chinese landscapes, fourth my sister and I rafting, and finally the whole familia, minus Dad.

Okay, I have a looooooooooooooooong time on the airplane tomorrow to write lots of long posts detailing the wonders of this trip. Prepare to be bombarded with AWESOME. However, I thought I'd quickly try and post a few highlights and pictures for ya'll.

Things I was not Expecting:
~ To get in a car crash in Shanghai. We're all okay, but it was a unique experience.
~ To get asked by ten different people to take pictures with them, all in one hour. (Being tall in China really does create something of a stir.)
~ To get FOUR, that's right, FOUR wedding proposals. And that last guy, he was persistent. Awkward.
~ To have an awesome mud fight with my mother... hehehe.
~ To hold two monkeys.
~ To pet a bear.

Favorite moments:
~ Seeing the Mountains of Yang Shuo, think of all those amazing Chinese prints with the funky looking mountains, that's where I was. (See above picture)
~ Rafting with my sister.
~ Mud Fighting
~ Mountain Climbing
~ Cool evening shows
~ Shopping
~ Seeing more of Chinese Culture
~ Traveling through remote(ish) Chinese villages.

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