Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hello World...

So, I haven't blogged in roughly forever. Sorry. I've been busy/bored-out-of-my-mind/sick. None of those make particularly interesting posts and I figured I'd save everyone a few moments of their life and just ignore my blog. However, after two weeks of being home, I feel I might have a few things of interest.
I'm moved into a new apartment. Possibly my favorite. EVER. No, really. Apartment life in the evenings goes like this: the four of us return home from various activities. Someone begins making something DELICIOUS and we all eat shamelessly. This is generally followed by three things a)HOUSE *grin* b)absurd conversation and partying c) absurd conversation, partying and more HOUSE *bigger grin* Oh, and there is some YouTube and other assorted goodness mixed in for good measure. Other favorites of the last few weeks include toe nail painting, Y-mount hiking, and grilling hamburgers for Memorial day. Just wait, I'm working on epic pictures. These burgers were amazing. Certain apartment members who will remain nameless were willing to leave their not-so-significant others for these burgers. Also, we have unleashed the decorators with in, and I have to say, this apartments bathroom decorations are about as cool as it gets.
Did you know Beethoven's mother would get him out of bed in the morning by playing a scale and stopping on the seventh? (At least rumor says she did, if so, I know why he was so messed up. That's cruel and unusual.) Anyhow, that has always fascinated me. Musicians have a definite need to finish a musical phrase, and it really tends to bother us when something is left unresolved. With that preface I can now introduce you to my recent experiment. *grin* I noticed after living with my lovely roomie Megan for a few days that we have very similar song preferences. Then I began to wonder if I could get her to finish songs for me. So, at various time during the day I've taken to humming a single line of a song. With out fail, about a minute or so later she hums the next phrase. It's kind of AWESOME. (Oh, and I did let her in on what I have been doing, after a few days that is...)
Other random tidbits for you... in a month and two days I leave for PARIS, also stoked about that. Hmmm... oh, and I'm playing for the spring opera, it's an operetta by Mozart. Rehearsals start on Tuesday. That's about it. Sometime when I have access to my computer and pictures again I'll blog about China, but right now that's not much of an option.

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