Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hey You!!!

No, not you. You. Yes, you, over there. The one behind the ginormous stack of text books. Yes, YOU. Just push aside one of those stacks and look at me. No, over, over. Yes, right here.

What? I'm studying too. Okay. I'm "studying." Actually, I'm semi bored out of my mind. That's why I have this coloring book, okay? Well, you should care, because people like you are the reason I'm so bored. Not you in particular, just all of you. Yes, I know it's finals week.



Last week you all were laughing at me, 'cause I had juries and finals before the reading days. But look who gets the last laugh now. ME!

While all you people spent your day cramming, praying, and on the verge of mental collapse, I did some sporadic studying, checked out four amazing books, ran four and a half miles, cleaned my apartment, partied with Denise and now I'm about to watch Spiderman and eat ice cream. Who's jealous now?

Basically, I have the most awesome major ever.

The end.

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