Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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Today my insides want to be on my outsides. There are multiple causes for this. I could have finally gotten that ulcer that's been haunting me. Perhaps the fact that I haven't eaten any solid food yet today could be a problem. Or the fact that I haven't gotten a significant amount of sleep in about a week. I was going to get some good sleep last night, but my downstairs neighbors threw a rockin' party and didn't invite me. Rude. Maybe the abundance of Easter goodness I ate this weekend is catching up to me. Jurries probably can share part of the blame. A lot of the blame. They're such a fun event... go play for faculty and be reminded of all the things you still haven't mastered. Actually, they're not that bad. I just want them to be over.
The good news is that I passed dictation, and am done practicing for the day. I may go back to run through my Bach Sonata again, but for all our purposes, I'm done. Now if only I could convince my insides to chill out. Ugh.
Finals week as a music major is actually my favorite week of the school year. While everyone else is freaking out, I'm done. At exactly 10:40 am tomorrow morning I will be finished with my jurry and only have three little finals left. One of which is take-home.
So, upon the commencement of my jurry I will do what I do each semester. I traipse off to the library, and silently mock all those who are madly cramming for finals they aren't ready for. I go color in my coloring books.... which actually sounds highly entertaining right now... tootles...

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  1. You know that your dad personally enjoyed doing crossword puzzles in the library during finals week and yes it annoyed the rest of us!!!!