Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Music Major Madness

I'm sitting here waiting for my little cousin to be finished practicing piano so I can start.  As the clock reached the hour I had a nearly unstoppable urge to go kick him out, it's my room for the next two hours.  Then I realized practice room mentality doesn't really function out of the music building, and the room isn't magically his until seven if I don't boot him out by quarter after.  

That's not the only way music majorhood has *ahem* changed me.  I solfegg, a lot.  I look at the different lines in church as we are singing hymns and it's all going in solfegg.  After too much theory and dictation, I get really really excited about modulations (except when the TAB insists on doing one between each verse, really?! is it that necissary?)

I speak in another language.  I've had roommates complain of it.  I get together with music majors and we speak of dead people who (in my mind) wrote really awesome compositions, and then we pick it apart.  It doesn't help that none of us even bother with full names, here's a mild example from a conversation in which I lost one of my roomies last winter:  Last night I went and saw Concerto night with the Phil, some kid played the Rock 2 third movement.  

That's a mild example... Kim and I lost Tia trying to discuss a German Augmented Sixth Chord and it's modulation.  *grin*

Sometimes I love being a musician.  It makes me feel cool.


  1. muahahaha Music Majors get all the crap, but we have the last laugh.

  2. Hun??? Dumb it down for me dear. :)

  3. wait, let me see...
    You went and saw the philharmonic and someone played Rockmoninnoff (yea, no wonder you just call it rock, I have no idea how to spell his name)but I can't figure out the 2. Sorry. So how did I do?

  4. *Points accusatory finger* NERD!!!!
    On an unrelated note, come home. I miss you.

  5. Carrie, good work. The second one would take a rather long explanation, but a short one is it is a chord built off of an augmented sixth, that functions as dominant preparation in it's original key, but can also be used to modulation to another key. Not sure that helped...
    Sav, I'll be back tomorrow... but only for a few hours... but I'll be back for real on the 9th?