Sunday, April 26, 2009

Odd Occurances

I've never thought of myself as being a city girl.  But at the very least, I have realized I am lost in a small town.  Just a few recent occurances to show how:

I asked my cousin to give me her phone number.   She gave me four digits.  Only four digits.  I then spent the next few minutes being utterly perplexed, until she explained that everyone in town has the exact same phone number, minus the last four digits.  

My mother grew up in this town.  Those of you who have seen us together know that we look rather similar.  Going to church was a real riot.  One of the ladies in church recognized me, as my aunt's little sister!  Then she was really really confused, because I'm a little too young to be one of the sisters.  Life made a lot more sense when she realized I was a niece.

Of course, I've been confused by people too.  After my first church incident a gentleman came up and shook my hand calling me "Effie's girl."  I'm used to that.  However, he then proceeded to ask how my family was doing in Asia.  The whole time I stood there thinking "Who the devil is this and why does he know who I am?"  He was my mother's neighbor growing up.  

I've loved my last few days here.  Tomorrow is the big test.  My aunt is off to help with the bees for the whole day again, and I'm here with the girls.  They may be little and cute, but they are highly energetic.  We'll see if I can get pictures of my charges tomorrow so you can see what we're up to.


  1. Small towns are the greatest and Soda is the BEST!!! Glad they are showing you a good time. :)

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  3. Oh my gosh Nicole I accidentally tried to comment you under my mom's account. Hahaha I didn't realize I wasn't on mine. I meant to say "Bees? And the same thing happened to me yesterday. Haha" WOW I really am a ditzball.

  4. I'll never forget being at BYU, and several times noted as Kent's little sister (impressive thinking how big American Heritage was and BYU in general) but when I was asked if I was Jim Okeson's daughter when Grandpa never went to BYU was beyond me. Old aquantances of your folks can be very confusing!!