Friday, April 10, 2009

It is officially time for SUMMER

Today I almost paranthetically referenced a Disney movie in a note to by little brother. Clearly, I need a summer of mental regression.

"Enjoy your last day as a kid, Young One. Best of luck in your track meet. I am sure all your lovely deep water running will pay off and you will 'kick all the other kids butts' (Mulan)."

Luckily I realized what I had done before posting... lest my shame be imortalized forever on Facebook.



  1. Let's go kick some HUNNY BUNS! There is NOTHING wrong with quoting Disney movies. Ask Meleece. ;)

  2. The quoting didn't bother me, it was that I naturally paranthetically refrenced the quote without a second thought.

  3. Um... is that really from Mulan? Because I'm not familiar with that quote. Like, at all.

  4. yeah, right when she wakes up in the morning and is late for her first day... it's a much longer chunk by Mushu, but I'm too lazy to find the whole thing... right after the part about the bunny slippers.