Friday, June 19, 2009

Are we dancing?

Yesterday wins the record for some of my girls sleeping in waaaaaaaay too long. Let's just say they made it to class only a little late and that was a miracle. We should have all been up early because Wednesday night there was tons of time to go to bed early. But apparently my girls are just as bad as Gina and I. We went to bed at one. Oops.
My girls continue to amuse me. Jayne being the most amusing one by far. She's really into getting Gina married off and it's getting more and more comical. Last night after we had done the devotional there was a mysterious knock on the door and in tumbled Jayne, Lizzie and Janessa. They were holding a love note written to Gina the contents read something like this:
My Darling Dearest Gina,

I know from the start you were not pleased with my affections, but I can withhold them no longer. I must tell you how I feel. I love everything about you, your beautiful hair, your elegant hands, your laugh... (it continued quite some time like this)
Always yours,
a certain councilor

This was quite the love note, and the girls were extremely pleased, however, upon closer investigation we discovered it was either a fake or this certain councilor was awfully feminine... from the purple pen to the round circles over the "i". Yeah. Then suddenly Gina announced that we were going to read the note in our next councilor meeting and for some odd reason those girls wanted the note back. Tragic. Apparently my love will be coming with a note for me tonight... should be good.

Last night was the student recital, I missed most of it though because I was getting ready to teach swing dancing. I was sooooo nervous to teach because I've done a lot of swing dancing, but that was over a year ago. It went really really well. I'm always really impressed with LDS boys, they, as a general rule, are really good about learning to dance. I'm not sure you would see that anywhere else. We weren't even on guys to girls, but everyone was good about trading around. We had about 70 kids total. We taught them the basic steps for east coast a left and right turn and then we really caught their attention. We taught them the cuddle. We said those words and we had the attention of the whole room, it was like magic. Who'd have thought. Then we decided to live on the edge and teach them the lean. We let them dance for the last twenty minutes and those who were really catching on we taught them a simple dip. Tonight at the real dance they are going to play some swing so that our kids can show off what they know.

~Love can be found at summer camp. Know that. Lasting love, not so sure, but love, apparently yes.
~Ukulele boy is a player. See previous posts.
~To make sure they always look pristine every day a few of my girls still get up at 5:30 to be ready for 8:00 class. They are better souls than me. I would NEVER do that. Twenty minutes of prep time, max and only for dates.
~ The way to a fifteen year old girls heart is through chocolate cookies. I brought some last night and have earned the undying affections of all my girls.
~ Apparently I am "quiet yet spunky" or so my "keep up the good work" note from the head councilor said. I'm thinking that's a cop out and what it really means is "I've never actually talked to you, but you seem cool..." I'll take that over "Sweet spirit" any day.
~ Cafeteria food is of the Devil. Read Dante's inferno, I am convinced that in one of the circles they will be force fed cafeteria food. Oh, and in the ninth circle, they will line dance (not that I'm bitter).
~ Supposedly the councilors are all learning the "Thriller" dance to do tonight for the kids. I can't wait.
~ Being fifteen at a music camp full of cute boys is apparently the hardest thing ever, just ask a few of my girls 'cause "This is sooooooo not fair."
~ Dance parties in the lobby after curfew also make you a cool councilor. Tonight post dance we're having a Disney dance party... wooo hooo!!!

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