Tuesday, June 16, 2009

College boys and sixteen year old girls...

Okay, we're two days in and here is what I have noticed:

~ I felt (and probably looked) like a jerk as I hogged a practice room yesterday morning. I needed to practice and I had a lesson coming, buuuuuut that didn't make me feel better. Alas.
~ My once quiet girls are now plenty chatty, that 11:00pm lights out... yeah, they were up.
~ However, we still got them out of bed, they just looked a little less perky
~ I remember being a camper thinking it was cool to take pictures of councilors, so I guess it was karma coming for me, but it really sucked when they wanted to take my picture this morning and I looked like death.
~ Summer romance, my girls apparently feel the need to go to the big leagues. Last night at dinner, they were checking out the college boys. Actually, I found it quite funny but I don't think I should encourage them. Jayne made a point of watching them and then choosing the garbage can closest to them to throw away her food. Tragically, it wasn't all she ever hoped for. Two of them were bald. Welcome to college.
~ My exhaustion reached a peak this morning at about seven when we all tried to go to breakfast. I ate sent the girls to class and promptly crashed for a good three and a half hours.
~ Councilors stick with like councilors. I find it funny actually. The Young Ambasadors stick together, the pianists form a clump, the singers form another group, and the real musicians (instrumentalists, which actually does include piano, but they seem to be elitists) also clump. I always remember thinking all the councilors were best friends, but aparently I was an idealist when I came.
~ Over half of my girls said their high point was eating lunch/dinner/ having class with/ general flirting with any given boy. I think it's cute, but apparently I was clueless when I was here, cause my high point was always masterclass or a music history class or somehting else generally nerdy.

More tomorrow.

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  1. Ok I laughed. But it wasn't just any laugh. I was ROLLING!