Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mutiny upon the Dance Floor

Half Way... Crazy... welllll here are the higlights from yesterday:

~ Dinner, actually food in general at the cafeteria, was sketch yet again. I should quit going through the line and just hit up the salad bar. Last night was a unique attempt at Mexican... at least I think it was Mexican, hard to tell.
~ Faculty Recital~ HALL DUTY, joy. Actually I wasn't too broken up because Dr. C didn't play, had she been playing I would have sneaked in. Instead I spent the recital hustling delinquents back in. Most were girls and usually they were absurdly late because they were fixing their hair/make up/wardrobe malfunction. There was a dance after and everyone knows you will meet your true love at a week long summer camp so ya' gotta look hott or who knows, you may die an old maid. *gasp*
~ The dance was a half flop. Meaning the first half sucked and the second half was much better. Why? Because the first half was line dancing from HELL. And I don't use that lightly. Since coming to BYU I have discovered that western Mormondom has a fascination with line dancing. It is the ultimate Mormon dance, absolutely no physical contact and usually absurdly cheesy. Our director took this to the next level and invited three college kids to come teach line dancing. It was cute for ten minutes, amusing for twenty but when we hit the hour mark the kids were going ballistic, and not in a good way. Long story short, councilors got chewed out, kids got threatened, instructors continued cluelessly, the Hannah Montana line dance was learned *barf*, and finally leadership caved. Forty minutes before the dance ended. And this was a two and a half hour dance. You figure out how long honky-tonk heaven was in full swing.
~ The second half was way better, and I learned that often kids change when placed on a dance floor. Some of my girls who were quiet and reserved were tearing the place up and two of my louder girls were wall flowers. Odd.
~ Dances as a councilor are actually kinda fun... because no matter how stupid you actually look the kids think you look cool because you are a grown up college student. Awesome.
~ Post dance a few of my girls got escorted home by some dapper young men, we'll see where this progresses... I'm intrigued since they stuck around until Gina finally told them to beat it.
~ Practice rooms are a nightmare. The kids complain and I feel great sympathy for them, but that's sort of how it always is... so I guess they'll have to deal.
~ Nothing of any more interest really to report... tonight is the silent movie but sadly yours truly got stuck on hall duty again... not bitter... not bitter... not bitter... angst.

So, farewell till tomorrow...


  1. This is a great read, Nicole!! You make all the adventures sound wonderful and exciting!! I wish you were my Summerfest couselor, you know, if I was at Summerfest. Which I'm obviously not. ahem.

  2. Dapper young men? Gee, Nicole. I suppose it's a good thing that I wasn't a counselor this year. I would probably be swept off my feet by all the kiddos. Besides, I could blend in pretty well with them. And who knows? Maybe I WOULD meet my true love. LOL