Monday, June 15, 2009

Councilor = No Sleep

Here are some random thoughts from my first few hours of being a councilor for Summer Festival. I'd write more but I have a flute lesson soon and I need to go fight young teenagers for a practice room.

~ I have awesome girls. I've almost got their names learned and I think they will be lots of fun.
~ My girls are awesome because they are not teenage boys. Seems logical enough, but last night at ten I was in the boys dorms for a councilor meeting and they boys were bouncing off of the walls, hanging from the rafters, and bellowing with reckless abandon. It was loud, crazy, and teenage-boy-ish. I returned to my hall and my girls were mostly subdued and those who weren't were just giggling. I can handle that.
~ In the two years since high school I've (apparently) effectively managed to blot out all memory of awkward high school dating. As my girls started talking about their dating lives I was blown away. I think I will stick with college dating, way way way less complicated. (Especially if you have my dating life.)
~ I feel old. Not like I can't keep up or anything like that, just separated, particularly from my younger ones. It's weird. And they all look so little. I was NEVER that little.
~ Going on with the little idea, the boys look so young. I don't remember thinking the boys my age looked young when I was in highschool, but looking back they all look so little. I think something with missions and how all the guys I hang out with are 23 or older makes a difference.
~ My fellow councilor/roomie for the week is awesome. I actually had never talked to her before yesterday but we get along great and stayed up way too late last night moaning about grad schools/ funds for grad school/ music. She just finished her undergrad and is trying to decide what to do with her life, and I am having minor heart attacks as I look at what grad school will cost. BYU is just so cheap!
~ Things to watch for this week:
1. My girls all woke up really well this morning, will it last all week?
2. My girls all went to bed really well last night, again, will it last?
3. Budding summer romance, it will happen, but whom?
4. I'm already planning to go home to my apartment to take a desperately needed nap, will this be a reoccurring phenomenon?


  1. By "summer romance" are you referring to yourself???? You KNOW how cranky I get when you don't tell me important stuff like this!!!!

  2. I have decided that you are to be referred to as "Chancellor Hartley, the Great Pied Piper of Epicosity" for the remainder of this week, and possibly ever. I have furthermore decided that you should absolutely come nap / schmooze / watch House back at home, because we miss you already. POST SCRIPT: I think I did pretty well on my physics test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Amber- romance, me? Nope. Don't hold your breath on that one.
    Sav- I like that name. I shall instruct my campers to henceforth call me that. AND AWESOME ON PHYSICS!!!